Grey Ironbark Timber Flooring Australian Timber collection

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Grey Ironbark Timber Flooring


  • 1800mm/2100mm x 136mm x 14/3mm 
  • 5G Valinge Click system
  • Bevelled edge
  • Satin finish
  • 12 coats of water based UV lacquer 
  • 25 residential structural warranty

What is Grey Ironbark timber flooring?

Grey ironbark is a premium native Australian hardwood known for their hardwearing qualities, strength, and durability. Ironbark timbers have high density levels with strong natural resistance to lyctid borers and termites.  Constructed with layers of hardwood ply core and the patented valinge 5G click system, it avoids cupping, twisting & squeaking with environmental changes. 

Finished using 12 layers of  PPG water-based coating, your floors will stand the test of time.

Grey Ironbark engineered flooring is good for the following areas

Grey Ironbark is a classic looking timber which is suitable for all areas of the home, excluding wet areas.  It's hard wearing properties are perfect for high foot traffic and day-to-day use such as living areas and kitchen.

This durable and dense timber is suitable for use anywhere from hot and humid climates to cold and dry climates.

    Grey Ironbark flooring durability and maintenance 

    Grey Ironbark has a Janka rating of an impressively high 14kN and a denseness of an average 1090 kg/m³ provide this tough wood with plenty of longevity, making it ideal for not just flooring in high-traffic areas.

    We recommend using the Bona cleaning products on your new timber flooring.  Bona floor cleaning products are made in Sweden and include ranges which are designed specifically for timber flooring.

    Bona floor care products are non-toxic, PH Neutral, water-based and Greenguard certified.

    Where to buy Grey Ironbark engineered flooring

    The Eastern Flooring Centre is the provider and reputable supplier of Grey Ironbark timber in Melbourne.

    When choosing your flooring product, we provide a free, no obligation consultation, as well as design advice and tips with guidance on how to install and take care of your product.

    Guarantee and quality service

    Grey Ironbark timber flooring is guaranteed for durability and quality when purchased and installed by the Eastern Flooring Centre.  It comes with a 25 year residential structural warranty.

    We are proud to be one of the best and trusted brands in Melbourne.  This hasn’t been achieved without the love and care of our customers and clients over the years.

    All products are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.