Australian Timber

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All about Australian Species Flooring

Australian Species are some of the most popular styles of hardwood floors. Their durability and resistance to decay, dents and knocks make them ideal for high foot-traffic areas in all kinds of homes. Similarly, they have a timeless appeal through offering a variety of grades and colours which means they will look beautiful and tie in with any design and décor; perfect for all houses. 

At Eastern Flooring we are proud to be one of the best and most trusted brands in Melbourne with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The types of hardwood available from us, include Merbau, Sydney Blue Gum, Kempas, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Wormy Chestnut, Spotted Gum and Tasmanian Oak.

These floorings are sourced ethically and environmentally from all across Australia and are available in a range of sizes, grades, colours and finishes. Our friendly and experienced team are happy to work with you to find the perfect wood and style for your home or project.

Australian Species Specifications and Characteristics

It’s no surprise that Australian Species is one of the most common hardwood flooring styles due to its classic and elegant look. Their strength and durability mean they are resistant to dents, knocks and decay. All these characteristics make them the perfect addition to any house. 

Our stock of Australian Species come in a range of colours, grades and finishes. The colour variations offer a warm look and add richness to your interior and the grade selection means you can personalise the wood look to your liking. Some of the timber floorings have a range of finishes available including, semi-gloss, smooth matte and brushed finishes. So, you are bound to find the perfect Australian Species hardwood timber floor to match your home.

One of the other main characteristics of Australian Species timber floors is that they are durable and hard – perfect for a life-long home feature. The Janka Rating is the standard test used to determine the hardness and durability of hardwood floors, the higher the rating, the stronger and harder the wood is. This can give you great insights into how long your floors will last you and how resilient it is.

The Australian Species flooring we stock has an average Janka Rating of 8.42kN, which is a great score. This shows that, on average, these floors are very resilient and are perfect for all locations in the house as they are durable to support years of foot traffic in a family home.

Our Australian Species flooring is one of the best timber types out there due to their variety and strength, meaning they are right at home, in any home! Plus, what can be better or more beautiful than having a piece of Australia right under your feet

Colours and Grades 

The grades available for our range of Australian Species hardwood flooring are Select Grade, Feature Grade and Standard Grade.

Select Grade displays minimal natural features that will fit effortlessly into all homes and are perfect for those wanting a more subtle look.

For those who want their floors to stand out and be a stunning feature in their home, then feature grade, as the name suggests is the only way to go. Feature Grade boards include grains and knots, truly highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of the Australian Species.

There is, of course, a middle ground; Standard Grade. This grade will contain a selection of Select and Feature Grade boards giving a gorgeous mix with the benefit of having the best of both worlds.

Australian Species hardwoods come in a variety of magnificent colours. There are the lighter woods, such as the straw-coloured Tasmanian Oak, the rich red of Jarrah, to the chocolate brown Spotted Gum. There is, of course, variations of colours within each type of timber flooring too. With all these colours to choose from, there is sure to be a look that will suit your home, décor and style.

If you are unsure of what you would like, our friendly and experienced team offers free consultations to help you through every step of the design and build.

Maintenance and Care

Hardwood floors are well known for being easy to maintain, so, if one of your reservations about hardwood floors is the thought of maintenance and care, then this can be crossed off your list.

Maintenance for the Australian Species timber flooring is simple, this is evident by the high average Janka Rating score of 8.42kN, which shows how durable and resistant to scratches, dents and decay the wood is. This ultimately means less work for you!

Even with such a high Janka rating, at Eastern Flooring we truly believe in providing the best service and products to our customers, that’s why all our flooring comes with a 25-year residential warranty and a lifetime structural warranty. 

When it comes to caring for and cleaning your Australian Species’ we recommend Bona floor care products. These products are non-toxic and PH Neutral, so they won’t damage the look and feel of the wood and aren’t dangerous in your home. Bona floor care products are also Greenguard certified, so you know you’re getting to the best of the best and can trust these products on those precious floors. We suggest dusting with an anti-static mop and using a damp microfibre mop for a beautiful clean.

Our team provides free consultation services to provide assistance and guidance in the maintenance and care of your flooring to ensure it remains in the best condition possible.

Benefits of Australian Species

Various Colours

There is such a vast variety of colours to choose from within the Australian Species range, so there is sure to be one that is suited to your style and décor. From Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak, the team at The Eastern Flooring Centre will be able to help you make the best selection for your project.

Grades Available

The range of Australian Species also comes in an array of Grades. Select Grade has minimal natural features visible, giving the board a clean look. Feature grade boards have all of the grains and knots visible, whilst Standard grade is a selection of clean boards and some feature boards in the mix.

Easy Maintenance

Australian Timber floors are a great option for either a new home or a renovation; providing the homeowner with a beautiful floor that is easy to maintain. For the easiest and best results – Utilise Antistatic mops for dusting, and a damp Microfibre mop, with the Bona Floor Care System.

Enjoy for Life

A beautiful Australian Timber floor is a long-term investment for both the enjoyment of your family and for the value of your home. Your family will enjoy the look and feel underfoot, but also the warmth it will add to your home.  And having a structurally sound timber floor will increase the value of your home.