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Ziptrak® blinds connect your indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space. Reimagine your space and move beyond life indoors.


Ziptrak Specifications

Application Recess and face fit for decks, patios, alfresco areas and windows.
Operation Manual and motorisation.
Fabrics Mesh and PVC, infinity acrylic.
Hardware Pelmet, cast end bracket, backing plate and removable post / cassette.
Finish Exposed bottom rail.

We carry a full range of Somfy and Alpha product motor solutions. In addition to modern remote controls, it is possible to control blinds with wall switches, light sensors, timers, sun sensors, wind sensors and home management systems.

Effortless Operation

Our patented, spring-balanced system provides the user with a lightweight and simple movement of the blind. Release the blind at any height and it will stay in position without rattling in the wind. If your blind were mounted somewhere out of reach or you’d rather not operate by hand, motorised is readily available.

Endless Options

With hardware colour options to match or compliment your existing space, and discreet installation, Ziptrak® blinds offer superior functionality without compromising your style. A huge range of quality fabrics and materials allow you to use your outdoor areas year-round: Sunscreen Mesh or Clear PVC!

All Weather Protection

Our sealed blind system shields you, your space and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare, insects and cold weather. Make the most of our beautiful climate but protect yourself from undesirable weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Ziptrak® blinds create a protective layer from heat and UV in summer, keeping you and your home cooler. In winter, capture the warmth and enjoy outdoor living year-round. Lower your energy bills and environmental impact.

Designed for Australian Conditions

Ziptrak® blinds are extremely tough and durable, engineered specifically for Australian conditions. As an Australian invented product, designed and manufactured in Australia, we are uniquely qualified to develop a premium quality system to withstand the toughest conditions.