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Bona Oxy Power Deep Cleaner for Hard Surface Floors is powered by active hydrogen peroxide – a natural disinfectant. Bona Deep Cleaner for hard surface floors has 3 times the cleaning power of normal cleaners and is perfect for a deep hygienic clean to remove germs and bacteria from your stone, tile & laminate and any other hard surface floors.

With a unique oxygenated formula, Bona Deep Cleaner for hard surfaces loosens tough, heavy build-up and the Hydrogen Peroxide penetrates as a disinfectant with its bubbling action lifting away bacteria and stains. GREENGUARD GOLD certification ensures a safe product for your family, your pets - and our planet. 

Bona’s OxyPower Deep Cleaner is powered by active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide. This naturally occurring disinfectant delivers a cleaning power 3 times that of normal cleaners. This makes OxyPower Bona’s most powerful cleaner. It dives deep, removing heavy build-up and stubborn dirt without the need for scrubbing. With an oxygenated formula powered by hydrogen peroxide, OxyPower foaming action attacks organic stains, odour-causing molecules and bacteria – like bleach but without the fumes or abrasiveness. 

  • Removes 99% of bacteria when used with Bona Microfibre Cleaning Pads
  • 3 x the cleaning action of normal cleaners
  • Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide – a natural disinfectant
  • Oxygenated formula removes heavy dirt build-up
  • Ready to use – just spray and mop
  • Dries fast
  • Safe for all hard surface floors including stone, tile, laminate, hybrid and vinyl floors
  • Residue Free
  • Certified Greenguard GOLD
  • Size =  850ml Mop Refill Cartridge