Natural 8mm & 12mm Laminate Flooring 12mm Laminate Flooring collection

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  • AC4 light commercial
  • 2200mm x 196mm x 12mm 
  • 1215 x 195 x 8mm
  • 30 pattern repeat
  • Micro bevelled edge 
  • Valinge click system
  • 48 hour water resistant
  • 12mm Pack size = 1.725m2
  • 8mm Pack size = 1.8954m2 
  • 4 planks per box

What is Natural Laminate flooring?

Natural laminate is part of our OAKLEAF HD PLUS range, which delivers amazing realism with décor visuals so natural you would think you were looking at a real natural timber plank. Using the latest digital imaging technology, a stunning range has been created that showcases popular Australian Timber species along with Oak & Hickory décors. Featuring a moisture protected treatment for the micro bevel edges along with an amazing 30 pattern repeats, these planks deliver all the natural charm & character you would expect from a natural timber floor. OAKELAF HD PLUS also features a 48hr independently tested Water-Resistant core providing ultimate peace of mind for when little accidents occur.

Laminate flooring receives an AC rating based on its performance under a multitude of key stress points including: heat, moisture, scratches and scuffs.  We supply both A4 light commercial and AC5 heavy commercial rated laminates.

We are proud to say our laminates floor are an eco-friendly solution with certification that acknowledges its VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are next to zero, beating the minimum Australian standard by 100 times.

Where can laminate flooring be used?

Natural laminate flooring is suitable for both residential or commercial properties and can be used in all areas of the home, excluding wet areas.  Its hard wearing and high moisture resistance makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as kitchens and passages.  

It poses no health risks and makes it highly suitable for young children who spend a lot of time in contact with the floor. In addition its superior abrasion, scratch and impact resistance make it an ideal choice where pets are involved.

Laminate durability and maintenance 

Because we only supply the highest quality laminates you can be sure they will last the test of time.  A durable laminate that contains no plastic elements and is guaranteed to remain flat without shrinking, expanding, warping or lifting. The clear UV cured finish is exceptionally tough – built to withstand the heaviest knocks, stains scratches, dents and burns.

As it is water resistant up to 48 hours it is suitable for wet mopping.  

We recommend using the Bona cleaning products on your new laminate flooring.  Bona floor cleaning products are made in Sweden and include ranges which are designed specifically for laminates and hybrids flooring.

Bona floor care products are non-toxic, PH Neutral, water-based and Greenguard certified.

Where to buy Natural laminate flooring

The Eastern Flooring Centre is the provider and reputable supplier of Natural Laminate flooring in Melbourne.

When choosing your flooring product, we provide a free, no obligation consultation, as well as design advice and tips with guidance on how to install and take care of your product.

Guarantee and quality service

Natural laminate flooring is guaranteed for durability and quality when purchased and installed by the Eastern Flooring Centre.  It comes with a 20 year residential wear warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

We are proud to be one of the best and trusted brands in Melbourne.  This hasn’t been achieved without the love and care of our customers and clients over the years.

All products are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.