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Acouslime Moisture Seal is a ready to use, premium solvent free, polyurethane moisture barrier and primer, for waterproofing concrete and cementitious substrates. Available in 12 kg containers.


  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Solvent and water free
  • Ultra-fast curing
  • Water resistant when cured
  • Approved for radiant heated slabs
  • 100% odourless
  • Zero VOC
  • Excellent coverage

Acouslime product selection based on RH in slab (Relative Humidity/ Moisture Content)

Up to 85% RH Acouslime Timber Flooring adhesives contain a moisture vapour barrier A one step process including Adhesive. Refer to Proceed to STEP 3 if levelling required Acouslime 3 in 1 has a Moisture Vapor Barrier and stabiliser Acouslime 4 in 1 has a Moisture Vapour Barrier, Acoustics (rated 43dB) and stabiliser

84% – 90% RH ASTM F2170-02 One coat of Acouslime Moisture Seal to be applied to the substrate.

90% - 98% RH ASTM F2170-02 Two coats of Acouslime Moisture Seal to be applied to the substrate. Allow 2 – 4 hours drying time between coats, dependent on weather conditions. 98% RH Upwards Slab is too wet/green not suitable for Timber Flooring installation.



▪ Waterproofing treatment before the laying of wooden flooring to block the rise of excessive residual dampness in the screeds

▪ Porous subfloors

▪ Non-porous subfloors

▪ Solidifying soft and brittle subfloors

▪ Green concrete slabs

▪ Radiant heated slabs (two coats recommended)

▪ Anti-dust treatment for cementitious screeds when the surfaces are irregular, porous and dusty