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Custom Made Wave Fold Sheer Curtains

To order supply only follow the steps below.  For supply and installation contact us to organise a free measure and quote.

Marley Fabric

A beautiful piece dyed plain weave with 100% polyester construction. MARLEY’s fine yarn gives it a silky, light feel while maintain a strong colour in its sheer translucency.   Wave fold with 100% fullness and weighted hems.

Marley's continuous design, self-weighted construction and wide width (295cm) will give you the perfect drop every time.  The palette of contemporary colours is FR tested and extremely versatile.

Delivery & Pick Up Options

  • Free pick up available from Blackburn showroom or Bayswater warehouse
  • Delivery available to most areas - contact us for a quote 
  • Manufacture of sheer curtains take approximately 15 business days
  • Delivery is usually 2-7 business days after curtains have been made

How To Order Sheer Curtains

  1. Choose your fabric.  Fabrics are available to view in our showroom.
  2. Choose your colour - Marley has 7 colours as shown in pictures
  3. Decide how you want to install your curtains.  Face fitted to the wall or architrave OR Mounted inside the window recess or onto the ceiling.
  4. Measure your area and work out what size you want your curtains - Width x Drop in mm's.  Minimum width is 300mm and maximum width is 6000mm.  Minimum drop is 500mm and maximum drop is 2800 - 3200mm depending on fabric type.
  5. Choose your track style - Standard (flat) OR Decorator track (curved) - Decorator track only available for face fit installation
  6. Choose your track colour - Available colours: Sash, White, White Birch, Anthracite and Black
  7. Choose bracket type - Standard projection (70mm) OR Double projection (170mm)
  8. Choose opening type - One Way OR Centre Open. 
  9. Choose Hand Drawn (One Way – 1 clear acrylic wand supplied, Centre Open - 2 wands supplied) OR Cord Drawn (white or white birch cord colours available)
  10. Click on Get Quote or email us with all of your requirements.  We will send you a quote with payment options.