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Designed to withstand even the harshest Australian weather, from Queensland’s heat and sunshine to Melbourne’s torrential rain, the Outdoor Blinds and Awnings we offer are built to battle the elements.

With colorbond coloured componentry and a vast range of fabrics, there is a product to deal with any privacy, shading or sun control requirement.  With stylish fabrics available in many modern plain or striped colours – and a choice of materials that includes PVC screen mesh, acrylic and canvas – the possibilities are endless. We custom-make all our blinds to order, ensuring the perfect fit.

We carry a full range of Somfy and Alpha product motor solutions. In addition to modern remote controls, it is possible to control blinds with wall switches, light sensors, timers, sun sensors, wind sensors and home management systems.

Fixed Guide Awning

Fixed Guide Awnings are an effective outdoor blind for traditional homes. These Awnings offer great sun protection for second storey window applications.

Fixed Guide Awnings mount to the wall and when in the dropped position allow airflow between the fabric and window.

Due to the angled projection of these Awnings, the hot sun is kept further from the façade and the window is able to be opened. When retracted the fabric is protected year round by a hood or cassette in a range of Colorbond colours.

Application 1st and 2nd Storeys
Operation Spring operated, crank operated, motorisation, centre pulley (upon request).
Fabrics Screen / canvas / acrylic.
Hardware Cassette, hood, L-bracket, fixed guides, stainless steel (available upon request).
Finish Scallop, straight flap with bias, straight flap hemmed, exposed bottom rail, plain finish.