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About Coco

7 Star Coco from the Signature Pure Wool Collection features 100% felted wool and is also produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards, with the addition of being made up of pure European and New Zealand wools. Coco also features a dense 80oz fibre weight for a carpet that provides the ultimate combination of timeless style and pure luxury.


  • Available in 6 colours
  • Fibre: 100% pure wool (felted), single ply
  • Fibre Weight: 80oz (2720gsm)
  • Pile Height: 18mm
  • Gauge: 1/2
  • Backing:  Hessian
  • Surface Treatment: Insect resistance
  • Width:  4m
  • Fire Rating ISO 9239.1:   >4.5kw/m2 CRF
  • Made in Holland
  • Warranty:  20 year residential wear warranty, lifetime defect warranty
  • Performance Rating:  7 star, extra heavy duty & stairs