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About Boden

Take a walk on Boden, Signature’s 7-star premium carpet made of 100% pure wool. Produced to the highest standards, this luxurious carpet is available in 42oz fibre weight.  It is extra heavy duty and durable ensuring it can withstand the impact of a busy and active lifestyle. What’s more, Boden fibres are anti-allergenic, fire and stain-resistant.

The wool acts as an insulator, keeping your spaces feeling warm and cosy, especially during the winter months. A pure wool carpet like Boden also offers acoustic comfort, cushioning your home against noise and echoes. Boden is anti-allergenic, so you’ll be able to breathe easy.

Produced in New Zealand to the highest and most luxurious standards, made up of 100% New Zealand wool.


  • Available in 8 colours
  • Fibre:  100% pure wool, 2 ply
  • Fibre Weight:  42oz (1430gsm)
  • Pile Height:  7mm
  • Gauge: 1/4
  • Backing:  Hessian
  • Surface Treatment:  Insect resistance
  • Width:  4m
  • Warranty:  20 year residential wear warranty, lifetime defect warranty