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About Alps

Alps from the Signature Wool carpet collection is made from 100% wool (20% yak blend). Chunky and luxurious underfoot, Alps is designed to resist stain, fire, and UV rays.

Being hypoallergenic and easy to maintain, wool carpets are a great addition to your home. They are an eco-friendly choice with a 20-year warranty and 100% sustainable and biodegradable, making it much gentler on the planet that other choices in flooring.


  • 100% Wool (20% yak blend) 4 ply
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Fibre Weight: 52oz (1750gsm)
  • Pile Height:  7mm
  • Gauge: 5/16
  • Backing:  Action 
  • Treatment:  Insect resistance
  • Width:  4m
  • Fire Rating ISO 9239.1:  >4.5kw/m2 CRF
  • Warranty:  20 years residential wear warranty,
  • Lifetime defect warranty