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About Accolade Plus  

Australian made Accolade is the only vinyl sheet flooring range that offers continuity of colour between wet and dry areas whilst having the ability to meet specific performance criteria for each area. The Accolade Range includes Accolade Plus, Accolade Foothold and Accolade Safe, all made to the same colour collection but with differing performance properties.

Certified through Global Greentag, a founding member of the Vinyl Council of Australia’s PVC product Stewardship program, and the first Resilient supplier in Australia to achieve Best Environmental Practice Certification, Armstrong Flooring’s Accolade Plus is Australia's very own tried and tested, versatile homogenous vinyl sheet flooring.


  • Waterproof – Accolade has been appraised by Branz to meet the NCC Deemed-to-Satisfy Performance Requirements for use as waterproofing membranes for internal wet areas when installed to the specified requirements
  • Accolade's exclusive formulation including polyurethane and true through pattern construction throughout the thickness of the floor has been perfected over the years to provide optimum performance.
  • An additional polyurethane coating is applied for ultimate protection and best surface profile for cleaning
  • Hygienic – Accolade’s unique formulation and surface profile promotes easy cleaning and resistance to soiling. Additional infection control can be obtained with easy to heat weld and flash coves for high risk areas.
  • Accolade Plus has homogeneous construction for excellent dent and gouge resistance and best for minimum maintenance.
  • The embossed surface texture and highly accented jaspe (multi-colour chip) visual helps hide dirt and wear patterns created in high traffic areas.
  • Light Reflectivity – Research indicates reflectance can help capture daylight and reduce reliance on artificial lighting, resulting in reduced electricity usage and costs. Lighter colors with a matte finish have high reflectance values, but do not add to glare and are available within the Accolade range.


  • Australian Made
  • Available in 30 colours
  • Overall thickness: ISO 24346 - 2.0mm
  • Wear Layer thickness: ISO 24340 - 2.0mm
  • Roll dimensions: ISO 24341 - 1.83m x 16m
  • Critical Radiant Flux: ≥8kW/m2
  • Smoke Development Rate: ≤750%. Minutes
  • Fire Resistance (Walling): AS 5637.1
  • Cone Calorimeter: Group 3 Average specific extinction area <250m2 /kg
  • Classification (Use Area) ISO 10874
  • Polyurethane Reinforced: 
  • Slip Resistance AS 4586 - Wet Pendulum: P3 - Oil-Wet: R10
  • Suitable for installation over heated subfloors up to maximum of 28°C
  • 15 year commercial defect warranty

    Where can Accolade Plus Vinyl flooring be used?

    Recommended for general traffic areas of:

    • Hospital
    • Light Industrial
    • Aged Care
    • Mercantile
    • Health Care
    • Hospitality
    • Education