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Benefits of Parquetry Flooring:


Timeless Beauty:

Parquetry is a decoratively patterned style of flooring that is created using a mosaic of timber pieces.  There is a beautiful large example of the Kebilli Herringbone Parquetry floor within in our showroom in Blackburn. This is a timeless and beautiful floor that works perfectly within renovations or new builds.

Parquetry Design Options:

Our oak parquetry flooring is formed from pieces of timber that are glued onto a solid subfloor, in either a Herringbone or Chevron pattern. A beautiful example of the Herringbone in our large showroom is the Kebilli Parquetry. Our parquetry comes either in a prefinished or raw board. Our prefinished boards are a great option, as they are ready to walk on as soon as the glue is dry. For raw boards, we sand the surface, stain with your preferred colour, then finish the board with wax, oil or a hard finish.

Stable and Durable:

Parquetry flooring is extremely stable, and durable, allowing your home the benefits of having a sophisticated finish, with a product that will show minimal wear and tear. Because the boards are made up from multiple thin wood layers stuck together with heat, glue and pressure, they are as solid as a solid piece of timber. But because the timber is stuck together with the grain layers going in opposite directions, the boards are more resistant to the contracting and warping that can occur with solid timber boards.

Various Colour Options:

We have an array of different colours available in our parquetry range, to ensure that we have a colour and tone that will work beautifully with your home. Feel free to bring in your various interior colour choices or even your mood boards, and match them up specifically with the right colour flooring option for your home.