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Carpet Brands

We supply and install carpet from Australia's most trusted brands.  We are constantly updating our carpet selections and include ranges from the manufacturers below.

  • Victoria Carpets
  • Quest Carpets
  • Signature Floors
  • Access Carpets
  • TPM Distributors

Benefits of Carpet:

Insulation and Acoustics:

Carpet has the ability to absorb sounds and echoes, which can be ideal within apartments and for people living within close proximity of each other. Carpet can also assist with the insulation of your home, within both the cooler and warmer months.

Value and Comfort:

As there is a wide range of carpets available, there is a carpet that will suit every household and budget. Carpet is a preferred choice for customers within the bedrooms in particular, as the price is significantly lower than that of timber, and offers the warmth and comfort underfoot that is best suited to a room of rest.

Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining your carpets is a relatively easy process, with only a good vacuum cleaner required, plus the occasional professional clean to refurbish and refresh your floors. This cleaning helps to remove bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, of which can reduce the risk of colds and other health problems, and overall help your family breathe easier.