American Hickory

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Benefits of American Hickory:


Strength and Stability:

It is a beautiful hardwood timber that is very popular due to its strength, toughness, hardness and stiffness, of which gives our customers the confidence that their new floors will stay strong and beautiful for years to come.

Tongue and Groove System:

This board is specifically crafted to join together solidly, utilising the tongue and Groove joining system, of which results in a solid floor underfoot. Glue is applied along the groove of each board, of which results in a solid floor that will not warp or cup.

Rustic Appeal:

The Hickory board is rustic and appealing, as it has been hand scraped with surface brushing and tool marks, of which has given the board a historic and time worn look.

Perfect Imperfections:

The imperfections within the board, are not actual imperfections but characteristics, of which give the board its overall appeal – the knots, mineral streaks, bird peeks, hand scraping & tool marks all make up the beautiful details of these board