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Natural, pure wool feels like no other fibre. It is soft, but tough. Wool is very resilient and naturally flame retardant.  With care, wool will last a lifetime. One of the main benefits of level loop pile carpets is that the wool fibres are highly resilient to crushing, soiling and staining. Dust, dirt, debris and spills don’t penetrate level loop pile carpets to the same degree as a cut pile which means they may have more resistance to staining. Loop pile carpets are also less likely to show footprints or imprints from furniture than cut pile carpets and they also don’t leave tracking marks after vacuuming.
Twist pile carpets are popular in family homes because the twisted fibres make indents and impressions from furniture and foot traffic less obvious. The slight texture that is caused by twists in the fibres also hides some soiling and specks such as lint. Twist pile carpet is hardwearing and highly resistant to staining, crushing and fading. The wool fibres have natural repellents to moisture and light soiling, so it can cope well with the rigours of family life.