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Our wave fold sheer curtains come in 3 different designs from Warwick Fabrics.


A beautiful piece dyed plain weave with 100% polyester construction. MARLEY’s fine yarn gives it a silky, light feel while maintain a strong colour in its sheer translucency. 

Marley's continuous design, self-weighted construction and wide wide (295cm) will give you the perfect drop every time.  The palette of contemporary colours is FR tested and extremely versatile.


Light and airy with relaxed coastal vibes, SARDINIA is a dreamy sheer that will breath new life into existing interiors.

Boasting a sophisticated colour palette of soft romantic hues, SARDINIA’s open weave construction offers a tactile finish and textured handle that replicates the feel and composition of a natural weave. A transitional sheer with subtle two-tone highlights, SARDINIA will create a serene style statement in any room with an overall aesthetic that is casual and organic.

Featuring a plain dobby weave and yarn dyed characteristics, SARDINIA’s functional width of 320cm will create seamless drapery across windows and wide architectural spaces. Offering a sheer construction with a continuous self-weighted drop, this delightfully textured fabric will allow light to filter gently across the room without compromising on a sense of privacy. FR rated and Oeko-Tex certified, SARDINIA presents a soft organic look that is perfect for drapes and soft Roman blinds.


Presenting a subtle sheer with a fresh contemporary feel, SICILY is a transitional fabric that is soft, simple and sophisticated.

Featuring an open weave with natural looking textured yarns and a dry organic handle, SICILY offers the perfect fusion of light and dark with a comprehensive colour palette of fresh modern hues. Whether your style is chic and refined or effortlessly casual, SICILY’s natural aesthetic will feel at home in any environment.

Boasting a plain dobby weave with textured warp and weft yarns, this refined sheer is complemented by an organic colour palette and a soft handle that drapes perfectly every time. A lightweight fabric that  light to filter gently across the room, SICILY’s tactile surface feel and natural style create a serene aesthetic that is simply ideal for breezy coastal settings and casual interiors.