Ramie Carpet collection

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Designed for Australian homes

 7 Star Ramie from Signature Pure Wool Collection is 100% pure European wool. The ultimate wool carpet, Ramie is anti-allergenic, fire resistant fibre and stain resistance. Premium Ramie 50oz pure wool carpet will add significant value to your home.

A Signature wool carpet like Ramie adds textural interest and tactility to any home. With carpets available in 4-metre widths, they’re ideal for larger areas too.

Available in 5 colours.

Other benefits of wool carpets

With proper maintenance, these soft flooring solutions can last you a lifetime. They’re incredibly hardwearing and durable, but also sustainable and a smart ecological choice. Wool carpets are typically insulating in winter, but offer a cooling effect in summers. They absorb moisture from the environment without feeling damp.  Fibres are also renewable, biodegradable and make for healthier choices for your home.